What is Phoenix Rising?

Phoenix Rising is a collection of brands centered around authenticity.

From Dragonfruit Kids, which encourages elementary-aged kids to embrace who they are, to Black Sheep, which focuses on empathic, sensitive adults who were used as the scapegoat, Phoenix Rising is all about being who we really are at our core.

The Founder

Phoenix Rising founder Chrissie Zavicar is a mental health advocate focused on trauma recovery and sobriety from addiction.

Sober from alcohol since June 2017, Chrissie has been committed to paying it forward by sharing her story with others who are struggling through Complex Post-Traumatic Stress (CPTSD) and addiction.

Bullied from a young age, Chrissie has historically struggled with chronic anxiety and low self esteem. Labeled a "black sheep," she eventually embraced that role by turning to addictive behaviors as a way to cope and "numb out."

Despite success personally and professionally, her addictive relationship with alcohol eventually came to a head, resulting in her choice to get sober on June 18, 2017. The "lifting" of that substance brought the reality of CPTSD to the forefront, beginning a lifetime healing process.

In early sobriety, Chrissie sought out online personal development groups as a means of support, studying self worth, addiction and recovery, and the Enneagram as a way to learn more about herself.

After two years, she sought out somatic therapy -- which focuses on the healing of trauma through awareness in the body -- as her next means to recovery. Combined with a regular yoga practice, avid journaling, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) work, Chrissie has made her growth journey the focal point of her day-to-day life.

Phoenix Rising was born out of her desire to pour into others with similar life experiences. 

Learn About Each Brand 

Phoenix Rising

The phoenix is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. 

For those who have experienced trauma and addiction, the idea of being reborn out of ashes can be an uplifting and inspiring way of envisioning healing and growth.

Phoenix Rising was born out of the idea that -- no matter how low a person gets -- it is possible to heal and "rise from the ashes."

Black Sheep

A "black sheep" or a "scapegoat" is a role within a toxic family in which an individual is projected as "the problem." 

Characteristics of this person include being strong-willed, empathic, justice-seeking, someone who internalizes blame, is emotionally reactive, highly sensitive, protective of others, and who questions authority.

The Black Sheep brand represents validation for those who have lived within that role, encouraging them to embrace their true selves and embark on a journey of healing toward passion, advocacy, and living life on fire.

Dragonfruit Kids

Dragonfruit Kids is a brand founded by Chrissie's daughter, Evelyn (Evie), with a focus on encouraging young kids to be themselves.

Evie says, "School gave me the idea. We were talking about bucket-filling and bucket-dipping one day and we read a book about it. We made these pieces of paper that said, 'I would like to fill _______'s bucket by saying ________.' 

"That is what encouraged me to make all of these products for kids!"

In addition to being a "bucket-filler," the Dragonfruit Kids brand includes designs that focus on:

  • standing up to bullies
  • embracing one's true self
  • being different and unique
  • being a good friend